Research in the area of Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE) has flourished in the last years. This Summer School aims to present current research in different topics of SBSE research organized in a series of exciting keynotes, talks and seminars followed by questions and debate. The Summer School is open to participants from both Academy and Industry all around the world. We particularly encourage graduates and postgraduates (especially, PhD students), as well as researchers and professionals interested in SBSE to join us and participate in the event.

The Second International Summer School on Search-Based Software Engineering (SS-SBSE 2017) is supported by SEBASENet (the Spanish Excellence Network on Search-Based Software Engineering), SISTEDES  (Spanish Society of Software Engineering and Software Development Technologies), and it is hosted by the NEO Research Group at the University of Malaga, Spain.

We hope that this will contribute to foster collaboration within this growing community of practitioners, to strengthen interactions, and increase the quality of our current and future SBSE research. Welcome to the Second International Summer School on Search-Based Software Engineering and see you all soon in Málaga, Spain!

Francisco Chicano García
SS-SBSE 2017, Chair

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